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Email Studio


1) Support the collection of mailing lists and at the same time automatically verify the validity of the mailbox and send mail
2) you can only collect, do not verify, do not send and then export collected mailing list.
3) You can also only collect, verify, do not send and then export verified mailing list.
4) The same serial number can open multiple software instances on the same computer.
5) Advanced software architecture, integrated high-speed operation.


I am specialized in toy import. I need to find good toy suppliers around the world and keep close contact with my clients. I can discover potential customers, verify the authenticity of the e-mail and Send bulk mail through Antsoft Email Studio software. Everything is so perfect.But of course, the premise is that you have to learn to use this software. I have already recommended it to several of my friends.


Seelok Toy trade co. LTD in California
I have my own glasses trading company whose main business is glasses wholesale. My daily routine is to lead staff to explore more potential customers. I know Antsoft Email Studio by Google, it's automatic unattended operation is really cool!


Kitter glasses trading co. LTD in Africa

System requirements: Win10/Win8/Win7/WinServer

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